January 30 Introduction to Beekeeping Class

In keeping with COVID regulations, we are conductiing the 2021 class by virtual learning through the Zoom meeting platform.  We are excited to bring you the same great material and in depth learning to get you through your first year of beekeeping.
You will learn everything from how to set up your bees when they arrive to preparing them for the winter months.  Included in your registration your first year membership to CBA, a t-shirt, class materials,and exclusive acces to live class and workshops.
Print the registration form and mail the completed form with your $30 check TODAY!

Coweta Beekeepers Association
January 2021 President’s Message
Dear Fellow Beekeepers,
Happy New Year!  I am excited to work with our Board to continue to lead, educate, and provide opportunities for beekeeper fellowship – our mission. 

The January Coweta Beekeeper Association Membership Meeting on January 11, 2021, Monday, at 7:00 pm, will be presented via Zoom and a limited number of people in person at the Coweta Extension Office.  The Coweta Extension Office is only allowing 20 people to meet in person.  If you are interested in attending in person, please email our webmaster, Kara Bassett, at cowetabeekeeper@yahoo.com.  When the 20-person limit is met, Kara will post a message on our webpage and Facebook page.  If you attend in person, please wear a face covering and be prepared to complete a COVID questionnaire. 
Here is the invitation for the upcoming meeting on the GBA Zoom account:
Register in advance for this meeting:
See the Monthly Newsletter email for the registration link.
Currently, our Nomination Committee with Ron Walston, the coordinator, is looking for nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary, and a volunteer for the Raffle Coordinator.  If you are interested, please email Ron Walston at walstonronald@gmail.com.  The slate of officers will be presented at the February Membership Meeting, and the current members will vote at the March Membership Meeting.

January is a time to prepare for your bees coming out of winter by checking and repairing equipment, making fondant, re-waxing foundation, and education.  Don’t inspect your bees at this time of year since it is too cold.   

This year the Introduction to Beekeeping Course will be on January 30, 2021, Saturday, from 8:00 am – 4:15 pm VIRTUALLY.  Registration is on our website @ http://www.cowetabeekeepers.org.  Participants will be mailed the First Lessons in Beekeeping book and Beekeeping Resources list.  Once in-person membership meetings resume, participants will receive a Coweta Beekeepers Association t-shirt.    If you have not attended the Introduction to Beekeeping Course, it is a full day of education and an opportunity for fellowship with our beekeepers!
I’m looking forward to seeing you at our January 11th Meeting at the Coweta Extension Office 7:00 pm Meeting and the “How do I get my Hives to April” presentation by Steve Page.
Debbie King, President

Georgia Honey Bee License Plate Is Here!

How do you purchase a Save the Honey Bee license plate now???

Apply for a Specialty license plate at your County Tag Office through the same process you use to apply for a standard plate. 

Find your nearest local tag office here ... https://mvd.dor.ga.gov/motor/tagoffices/SelectTagOffice.aspx.

We will no longer be accepting payments on the GBA website.


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We would like to thank the staff at the Coweta County UGA Extension Office for the privilege of using their facility each month.