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Monday, September 9 

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Georgia Honey Bee License Plate Is Here!

Make sure you use this link to purchase your Georgia Honey Bee License Plate.

Read below the plate image for the message from GBA President, Linda Tillman.

The Save the Honey Bee license plate is now available for sale through the GBA website. GBA put up $25,000 to manufacture the plates. If you buy through GBA's website, we get credit for each plate sold toward repaying our $25,000 and we show the state that our beekeepers support the plate.

If you pay your $25 fee at the county license plate office, GBA does not get credit for it. So buy from GBA!

You will pay $25 to us for the manufacturing fee. We will generate a receipt for your purchase. You take that receipt to your county license plate office where you will pay an additional $35 for a specialty tag as well as $20 for your annual registration fee if this is your birthday month.

There are clear instructions on the website for how to buy the plate. If you have any questions, email me. Thanks for your support. Encourage your non-beekeeping friends and neighbors to buy this gorgeous plate from GBA.

The above link takes you to the purchase page for the license plate.

Warm regards,

Linda D. Tillman, PhD
Master Beekeeper
President, Georgia Beekeepers Association


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