Mission Statement

To promote and support beekeeping in Coweta County, Georgia.

To promote the use of products of beekeepers.

To engage in activities which will promote the common interests and general welfare of local beekeepers and the beekeeping industry.


The Coweta Beekeepers Association was formed in 1999 to promote and support beekeeping in Coweta County, GA.   Members live in or near Coweta County. 


Dues are $15 if paid prior to the beginning of the year.  Dues paid during the current year are $20.  Annual dues are for a family.  Lifetime membership is offered at $100 per person.   (This policy passed by the board October 5, 2015)


We invite anyone who is interested to attend any of our monthly meetings.


We would like to thank the staff at the Coweta County UGA Extension Office for the privilege of using their facility each month.